Mixed pack LCD resins
4 colors and cleaner

Discover different resins in a great discount package!
  • eSun Water Washable LCD
  • eSun eResin PLA LCD
  • ELEGOO Plant-Based LCD
  • ELEGOO ABS-Like 
  • Photocentric Resin Cleaner 
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Product description

Experiment with different brands and materials with this five bottle pack. Four exciting resins to test out and enjoy and a bottle of reason cleaner to clean the models.

This pack includes the following materials.

eSun Water Washable LCD

Achieve superior 3D printing quality paired with efficient finishing options. With the eSun’s Water Washable LCD resin you can print 3D models and parts with great stability and high toughness and strength. The Water Washable resin has low shrinkage, ensuring superb printing accuracy. Using water instead of isopropyl for post-processing has many benefits. Water is not only very accessible but is also a healthier option for post-processing. Once your 3D object has been printed, rinse it thoroughly with clean tap water. 

eSun eResin PLA LCD

The PLA LCD resin by eSUN is a high-quality resin that is relatively easy to use and can be printed by LCD resin 3D printers. The liquid has an ideal consistency, one that is not too thick or thin and can effectively be poured into the 3D printer’s vat. Due to the brilliant precision that models are made with, a sophisticated level of detailing can be achieved for your printed object. With the PLA LCD eResin you can create 3D models for at home that will last. This resin is also known to be used in the medical industry where realistic prototypes are highly beneficial for research and work practices. 

ELEGOO Plant-Based LCD

The Resin is Soybean based and BPA-free, making it a new step in a safer and more environmentally friendly resin. The unique recept guarantees a quickly hardening resin with low shrinkage and is available in variety of colors and weights. Thanks to the 405mn wavelength the Elegoo Plant-Based Resin can be used on many Resin 3D printers from different brands to create board games pieces, industrial prototypes and amazing art. The Resin has low odor making is more convenient to use compared to other resins. 


The go-to 3D resin for printing practical models and tools. The resin produces less brittle 3D prints with low shrinkage, allowing you to produce larger objects. Although the ABS-like 3D resin works best with LCD Resin printers, it can also be used with DLP printers. The Resin produces  a low odor, but we recommend using it in a well-ventilated room

Photocentric Resin Cleaner 

Original Resin Cleaner by Photocentric, to clean your SLA 3D prints. Can be used with a lot of resins to remove the left over resin after your print is finished, but can also be used to clean parts of your printer, like the vat or platform. Using the resin cleaner, you no longer have to worry about resin residue before curing, this makes cleaning easy and efficient. 


Resin Properties
Color (on label) Mixed pack
Type LCD
UV Wavelength 405 nm

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